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Audio Converter - Instrument Editor - Music Performer
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24 February 2011

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Awave Studio 10.4 is an all-in-one audio utility that lets you play, edit and process a whopping amount of music and other audio files (even synthesizer formats) quite at ease. The product is in offering from the house of FMI Software - an emerging name in the small and medium scale audio and multimedia software utility market. Being an one stop solution for multiple digital audio related tasks, Awave Studio is an essential product that mitigates the need of purchasing a handful of specialized programs - thus saving you money and simplifying the entire audio setup. The following section is dedicated to highlight some of the key features that defines its superiority over most similar programs around in the market.

As already mentioned, Awave Studio 10.4 is capable of serving you on multiple fronts. It comes with a pretty simple and easy to use user-interface with the main control and setting options located towards the top end of the application window. The wide range of features that this amazing software brings you include the likes of audio file conversion, editing, creation, MIDI SDS, SCSI SMDI transfers, emulation of a diverse range synthesizer instruments, non-Windows compatible Kurzweil, AKAI CD ROMs and so on. Apart from these features, the software also comes handy for regular audio tasks such as CD ripping, song playback, mobile phone ringtone conversion, and batch conversion of multiple audio files, audio recording and what not! The supported file formats include virtually all of the most commonly audio file extensions as well as synthesizers from AKAI, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, EMU and many others. The price is also pretty reasonable compared to the wide range of services it provides.

Hence, judging by all the aforementioned factors, Awave Studio 10.4 definitely deserves a score of score of four and a half rating points on the scale of five. The application is likely to find a strong dedicated following owing to its overall usability.

Publisher's description

Awave Studio allows you to convert, edit, play or process a huge amount of audio, music & synthesizer formats (more than 290 different audio carrying file formats can be read!). Features include conversion, creation, editing, and emulation of synthesizer instruments, MIDI SDS and SCSI SMDI transfers, reading of non-Windows compatible AKAI, Kurzweil and Roland CD-ROM's, conversion of mobile phone ring signals, CD-ripping, simple MIDI editing, song playback incl. custom samples, batch conversion, and sound recording. Supported file formats are include synthesizers from Roland, Yamaha, AKAI, EMU, Korg, SampleCell, various trackers, mobile phones, et c. It is truly a must-have, multi-purpose, audio tool for musicians, audio engineers, and just about anyone that's into computer audio!
Awave Studio
Awave Studio
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